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Patents. Preparation and prosecution of U.S. national patent applications (utility, provisional, and design) and international (PCT) patent applications; work with foreign associates to obtain patent protection outside the U.S.; perform invention novelty searches and opinions; assist in patent portfolio enforcement; infringement analysis; validity assessments; litigation; and dispute resolution support.

Trademarks, Trade Names and Domain Name Rights. Trademark and service mark search reports and selection; business name and trade name selection; domain name selection; preparation and prosecution of applications to register U.S. and state trademarks and service marks; work with foreign associates to obtain protection of trademarks and service marks outside the U.S.; assist in enforcement of trademark rights; infringement analysis; litigation; and dispute resolution support.

Copyrights. Assist in the protection of copyright rights in original works of authorship (software|literary, audiovisual pictorial works, etc.); registration of works (U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress); contracting for works made for hire; fair use analyses; assist in identifying and enforcing copyrights; litigation; and dispute resolution support .

Trade secrets. Assist in identifying, maintaining, and enforcing rights to trade secrets and technological know-how; drafting and analyzing non-disclosure a/k/a confidential disclosure agreements; litigation; and dispute resolution support.

Licensing |Technology Transfer. Prepare draft agreement documents; review and assist in negotiation of licensing agreements covering patent, trademark, copyright, and technical know-how rights; prepare and review of assignment documents covering all forms of intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management. Intellectual property rights (IP) portfolio management strategy recommendations| review and analysis of IP portfolios based on current and projected product development strategies; recommendations concerning corporate project sponsor(s) and licensees.

Website Compliance and Website Legal Audits. Perform a full suite of website compliance services, such as drafting privacy policies, drafting terms and conditions of use, and providing guidance and counseling clients on compliance strategies in connection with the wide variety of laws governing operation of a website (defamation, libel, slander, advertising and promotions, protection and infringement of intellectual property, use of message boards/forums, etc.). Perform unique Don't let your content byte you™ website legal audits: This includes a review of website content and internal and external mechanisms of the site, providing recommendations if compliance issues are identified.



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